Flash cards on healthy habits

Students of Class II got an opportunity to enhance their drawing skills in Ms Paint through learning engagement of making Flash Cards on healthy foods and healthy habits.  Students brainstormed ideas to make healthy foods drawing using shapes and learnt to specify page dimensions and use images from Internet to complete their activity. The learning engagement reinforces the central idea ‘Our habits and choices affect our growth and well-being.’


E-book on Organ System-Class IV

In Who we are unit of inquiry under the theme Organ system students of class IV worked on various activities to support inquiry cycle. As a part of ICT activity students have created e-book on organ system in Microsoft powerpoint. ICT skills developed during this activity are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating.


Comic Strip on Water Conservation

Class III made comic strips emphasizing on the need to save water as part of their ongoing Inquiry on Water under transdiscmakebeliefscomix-1makebeliefscomixphoto-sharma-508593264-969970save-water-by-arnav-sehgal-iii-fsparsh-dua-3-atanmays-comictoonyashjain_cartoonstripiplinary theme Sharing the planet.


Class 2 made popplet on seasons, solar system and global warming

Students of class II expressed their understanding about seasons and solar system by making popplets on www.popplet.com. They also enumerated causes of global warming and various ways to prevent earth from disastrous effect

s of global warming.

To view the popplets made by kids, visit these links






Exploring about farming through presentations and infographics

Students of Class 3 reflected upon their understanding of farming tools and farming process by making a PowerPoint presentation or infographics. The activity was conducted as part of their ongoing inquiry under How the World Works.



Myriad activities planned to reflect understanding about festival



Students of class II expressed their creative and presentation skills through meaningful engagement activities using ICT. They made pictocharts, posters, drawing and word clouds on festivals. While doing so they got a chance to extend and enrich their understanding about different festivals and their significance in our lives. Some of them expressed their learning in the form of stories. The activity was conducted as part of the ongoing UOI theme How we express ourselves. The activity helped them develop and improve the learner’s profile attributes of being a thinker, knowledgeable, reflective, inquirers and communicators. The activities were differentiated according to the abilities and interests of the students.