Myriad activities planned to reflect understanding about festival



Students of class II expressed their creative and presentation skills through meaningful engagement activities using ICT. They made pictocharts, posters, drawing and word clouds on festivals. While doing so they got a chance to extend and enrich their understanding about different festivals and their significance in our lives. Some of them expressed their learning in the form of stories. The activity was conducted as part of the ongoing UOI theme How we express ourselves. The activity helped them develop and improve the learner’s profile attributes of being a thinker, knowledgeable, reflective, inquirers and communicators. The activities were differentiated according to the abilities and interests of the students.

Unit of Inquiry: Where We are in Place and Time Class V

The inquiry “Where we are in Place and Time” enlightened the students with various landforms of the world. In ICT activity students have been given choices of varied ICT tools like Animoto (to create online video), to create online comic strip), piktochart(to create online posters), tool ) as well as few offline tools like PowerPoint , Word.

ICT skills developed during this activity are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating, communicating.

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Unit of Inquiry How we express ourselves Class IV

The inquiry “ How we Express Ourselves” is an innovative amalgamation of education and information. Laying emphasis on intercultural understanding and respect ,as a ICT activity students have created power point presentations, online videos and comic strips to compare the culture of India with other countries. Students have used online tools to depict and present their understanding. Few of their work also shared with the schools in USA   Public Arts Magnet School in Charleston, SC, USA. And Public comprehensive high school in  Newark, NJ, USA.

ICT skills developed during this activity are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating, communicating.

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Thank you card on Community Helpers by class II

Students of class 2 expressed their gratitude towards community helpers by making a Thank you card for community helpers in Ms Paint. The activity was a reflection of students’ learning about importance of community under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we organize ourselves’.
Students were asked to find out clipart images of their favourite community helper from Internet and then they expressed their thankfulness for that helper through the thank you card. The activity helped in sensitizing students towards the role played by community helpers in society.

Class III ICT Activity – Dance forms


Students of class III made a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Dance Forms’ as part of their ongoing Unit of Inquiry on Festivals under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’. Students learnt the important ICT skills of investigating, creating and organizing while doing this activity. They also developed learner’s profile attributes of thinkers, knowledgeable, reflective and open-minded when they reflected on their understanding about various dance forms, their costumes and famous exponents of that dance form.

Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet Class IV

Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet-Class IV

As a part of Sorting out activity, Tuning in activity students have class Iv supported the inquiry cycle through various ICT activities. Students have been introduced with the various website through which they have designed comic strip( ,Power Point Presentation, online moviemaking(animoto .com).

ICT sklls developed during this activities are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating.

Learner’s Profile Attributes addresses are Thinkers, Knowledgeable and Reflectors.20161020_135630comic20161020_135628comic-strip20161020_13553920161109_12510020161109_12502320161020_13553420161018_08455120161020_13592420161018_084558

Unit of Inquiry- How the World Works -Class V

In How the World Works unit of inquiry students of class V worked on various activities to support inquiry cycle. As a part of sorting out activities students have created Piktocharts online using website Students have created online comic strips related to energy conservation and use of simple machines on Some of the class V sections have created the power point presentations on the same topic. Students have also made infographics in MS word. Students have created video on the given situation (hospital, construction site, park, etc.)to depict the various machines, forces and energy they come across in their real life using video making software.

ICT skills developed during this activity are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating, communicating.

Learner’s Profile Attributes addresses are Thinkers, Knowledgeable and communicators