Annotations with Thing Link

Students of class III had fun making digital scrapbook on the wonderful world of animals. They also annotated images of animals using thing link. Given below are some thinglinks links created by students of class III.



Sharing The Planet-Resources

In the unit of inquiry Sharing the Planet students of Class V created sway presentations on topic Resources. Students have shared their ideas using this online tool Sway. Students have easily Build their presentations and presented to the class. They have also shared the link of their sway presentations on EDMODO.


Dhairya of Class III A surprised us with his skills in drawing caricatures. Really he proved that age is no bar in exhibiting



Picture charts on plants

Students of class 2 made picture charts exploring features of different types of plants as part of ICT integrated engagement in the inquiry under Central Idea ‘Earth is a stage of myriad plant life’ of transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the planet’

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Exploring the world of inventions and discoveries





Students of class 3 explored the world of inventions and discoveries through engaging integrated activities. Watch the Sway for their learning journey



Learning Engagement with ICT – Class III

Students of Class III made PowerPoint presentations on Work People Do as learning engagement on UOI 1 under TD theme ‘Work People Do’. Students learnt to animate objects on the slides and also learnt to hyperlink their slides to make interactive presentations.  Here is some of the sample work done by our kids

Work people do- darsh and divyam class 3 h

Occupation- veer and ujjawal