Comic Strip on Water Conservation

Class III made comic strips emphasizing on the need to save water as part of their ongoing Inquiry on Water under transdiscmakebeliefscomix-1makebeliefscomixphoto-sharma-508593264-969970save-water-by-arnav-sehgal-iii-fsparsh-dua-3-atanmays-comictoonyashjain_cartoonstripiplinary theme Sharing the planet.


Class III ICT Activity – Dance forms


Students of class III made a PowerPoint presentation on ‘Dance Forms’ as part of their ongoing Unit of Inquiry on Festivals under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’. Students learnt the important ICT skills of investigating, creating and organizing while doing this activity. They also developed learner’s profile attributes of thinkers, knowledgeable, reflective and open-minded when they reflected on their understanding about various dance forms, their costumes and famous exponents of that dance form.

How the world works – Animalopedia by Class III

While going further in their inquiry cycle on All living organisms go through a process of change, students of class III created an animalopedia page on the wonderful animals of their choice. They created the page using Microsoft Creative Writer software. In this activity they learnt about some new facts about animals like their food habits, habitat, amazing features and their family.

While doing this activity, students got a chance to develop and improve ICT skills of investigating, creating, organizing and presenting information.

Unit on Work People Do

While inquiring on different types of Work People Do as part of the ongoing Unit of inquiry on Who We Are, our students of class III created Powerpoint presentation on different occupations. They got the opportunity to develop and enhance their ICT skills of investigating (by conducting research), creating (by making a PowerPoint presentation) and organizing (by putting useful elements on slides meaningfully) and presenting (using animation feature).

Learner’s Profile Attributes addressed

Inquirers, thinkers, knowledgeable and Reflective.