Unit of Inquiry- Sharing the Planet Class IV

Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet-Class IV

As a part of Sorting out activity, Tuning in activity students have class Iv supported the inquiry cycle through various ICT activities. Students have been introduced with the various website through which they have designed comic strip(makebeliefcomix.com) ,Power Point Presentation, online moviemaking(animoto .com).

ICT sklls developed during this activities are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating.

Learner’s Profile Attributes addresses are Thinkers, Knowledgeable and Reflectors.20161020_135630comic20161020_135628comic-strip20161020_13553920161109_12510020161109_12502320161020_13553420161018_08455120161020_13592420161018_084558


Author: ictatdpsg

As an ICT educator I aspire to tap the potential of technology in teaching learning practices and pedagogy. I wish to use blogging as a tool to showcase the work done by my students of grade 2 and 3, besides finding out various ways in which I can make difference in building ICT skills in my young brigade and make them empowered learners.

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